Your Guide to Local Campaigns in Google Ads

Google Local is a campaign type within Google Ads. It is a type of campaign in the Google Ads platform designed to bring in-store traffic to the location of your store. The campaigns are available across a variety of sites, such as Google Maps, the Google Search Network, Google Maps, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.

How do you Setup a Google Local Campaign?

Google Local is a 'smart campaign type, which means that the targeting and bidding strategies are automated. So, all you have to do is make an advertisement and then define the location(s) you'd like to advertise. Vovia is best ad agency to promote you business.  

  • In order to create an advertisement you'll have to design headlines and descriptions of your ads as well as add video and images. Together, these elements make up an ad element that can alter to different formats based on the place it is placed.
  • To add locations, it's vital to make sure that you have an existing Business Profile claimed and set up on Google My Business to ensure you can choose one (or all) of the physical location(s) as you are working through the setup process. From there, Google will automatically target the area around your company's location. location(s). The radius may vary based on the location targeted and the preference of users for the distance they travel to. Other variables that determine the the radius of focus include population density, industry and the presence of competitors.

The other attributes of a campaign are controlled by the machine-learningcapabilities of Google. Like any artificial intelligence there are pros and cons. The biggest benefit is its ease of use and minimal maintenance. However the individual marketers are limited in control over their campaigns and have less space for analysis and optimization. Particularly, local campaigns have the following disadvantages:

  • Lack of control or information on the way they target - This means advertisers are not able to design targeted messages that are specific to the audience. They also do not know what audiences have performed better than other.
  • Lack of transparency or control over the placements - it's unclear which ads were displayed and advertisers are unable to be sure of what YouTube, Maps, or Display were performing in isolation. Instead, we're being able to view an overview of all locations.
  • There is no ad rotation. Advertisers can't test different ads against one another in a controlled fashion this limits the true test of A/B.

How can you Measure the Effectiveness of Google Local Campaigns?

Local campaigns are designed to increase the amount of traffic you get in your store and increase its value by utilizing visits to stores (the campaign utilizes Google signals to determine users who have visited a specific place after seeing an advertisement) calls, clicks on the phone, and/or direction clicks. Therefore, there isn't any direct revenue associated with this campaign. However, the profit can be calculated using your business's data. All you have to be aware of is your conversion rate, the mean amount of in-store purchases and the amount of visits to stores that are reported by Google in connection with the campaign.

For instance, if you run a store and you know that around 45 percent of your customers purchase something and the average checkout is approximately $65, your estimated revenue would be:

Store Visits x In-store Conversion Rate x Avg Check-Out Value

If Google recorded 400 store visits through your local advertising campaign, the revenue potential is 400 per cent 0.45 (65) = $11,700).

The following industries make a great candidate to Google Local Campaigns?

In essence, local campaigns could be an ideal choice for any industry with bricks and mortar establishments. Restaurants and retail shops are two obvious ones, but other sectors like telecommunications and automotive might also be a good match.


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